Hello, We’re Bow & Arrow

We help brands and businesses discover and dominate their niche and unlock sustainable growth through compound marketing

Who Are We?

We’re a compound marketing agency which provides fit-for-purpose, practical marketing strategy and tactical marketing support to innovative intrapreneurs, unlikely entrepreneurs, business mavericks, and corporate warriors working for the greater good – although we won’t say no to proudly progressive national brands (emphasis intended).

Why Bow & Arrow?

“The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind”
Fred Bear

The Power of Creativity

Say anthropologists, the bow and arrow represents one of humankind’s great cognitive leaps – a revolutionary technology first developed over 70 000 years ago, this compound tool allowed for more effective, safer hunting – and it could be carried out individually rather than in groups (think efficiency).

The invention of the bow and arrow represents what scientists have termed “if-and-then thinking” –if I attach an arrow to an elastic string, and release the tension, the arrow will soar.

Its invention profoundly changed human society; and unsurprisingly, the bow and arrow is a universal symbol across cultures, with depictions and descriptions of its real and imagined power appearing in cave paintings, classical mythology, religions, mediaeval folklore and tapestries, and now in contemporary art and popular culture (think of the TV series, Arrow).

To us, the bow and arrow represents the potential of creative thinking and the power of creative problem solving – creativity inherent in every ‘if-and-then thinking’ entrepreneur.

To these entrepreneurs we say: shoot your shot!

What We Do

Clever meets creative in through-the-line expertise, underpinned by our compound marketing approach

Our Four C’s

Our Compound Approach

Compound marketing is the foundation of our agency approach. It’s about using trusted, tested, appropriate, cost-effective, manageable, and sensible strategies and tactics for long term, sustainable growth.

01 Consulting

  • Research & Insights
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Audits & Analysis

02 Carrying-Out

  • Digital
  • Below-the-line
  • Above-the-line

03 Campaigns

  • Lead marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Brand marketing

04 Coaching

  • Training workshops
  • Marketing mentoring
  • Fractional CMOs

Wanted: Fellow Outlaws

If you’re happy with what most advertising and marketing agencies are up to, then we’re probably not for you. But if you’re not convinced by the flash and the dash, feel meh about your marketing, are ambivalent about automation, wonder what your marketing budget is buying you, and would like to see more honesty, transparency, creativity, human intelligence, storytelling, and sustainable growth in your marketing approach, then you may be made for an outlaw outfit like ours.

The Campaign Trail

Our unique ‘compounding’ approach builds realistic through-the-funnel marketing campaigns that fit the stage your business is at, your resources, and your customers’ own journeys.  Not sure which path to take? We’ll give you some pointers with a free shot of honesty. Hover over and tap or click the boxes below for more information

Honest Marketing

  • Honest Listening
  • Honest Feedback
  • Honest Approach
  • Honest Hour: Free
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A Shot of Honesty

Can you honestly say your business is growing? Book an honesty session to help pinpoint marketing challenges and solutions and plot out next steps. Includes an hour’s worth of no-nonsense strategic exploration and tactical recommendations, recording of the call, and report with a bonus creative asset.

Lead Marketing

  • Growth Discovery
  • Optimisation Plan
  • Marketing Scaffolding
  • Lead Campaigns
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Hunt the right game

For lead marketing to work, there needs to be a solid offer, an understanding of product-market fit, audience appreciation, and good marketing infrastructure. We bridge the gap between expectations and reality with scaffolding that addresses shorter-term goals but, crucially, leads to established infrastructure and long-term growth.

Product Marketing

  • Product-Market Discovery
  • Product Marketing Framework
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Demand Campaigns
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Fish or Cut Bait

Before you can successfully sell products, there must be a need or want (market) for them. We help you discover products, markets and audiences, how to solve consumer challenges and take products to market, build sound infrastructure and drive demand through audience education with compelling hooks.

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing infrastructure
  • Brand Campaigns
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Farm for the Future

To grow sustainably into a viable long-term proposition takes forethought and forward planning. We help you map out the journey, stake the territory, and build the brand assets and infrastructure needed to meaningfully connect with audiences and create communities which support strategic long-term growth.

Innovative copywriting...successfully engaged target audience and rendered texts of excellent quality, relevant content and innovative approach

Medical Scheme

Communications Director

Co-created the vision, defined the direction and then delivered something out-of-the-ordinary

Publishing Company

Publishing Director

The final product never disappoints - the promise suggested in the pitch is fulfilled

Media Company

Senior Editor

I constantly receive compliments on brand style and logo

Government Agency

D&I Director

Well thought insights constructed from deep understanding of marketing principles

Sports Start-Up


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